Mission Cimbalom Solo

Mission Cimbalom Quartet

The Baroque Jazz Duo

Marius Preda (Cimbalom) & Emil Bizga (Trumpet)

A recital and dialogue between two exceptional musicians, a happy cross between the language of jazz and baroque music presenting:

Marius Preda – Official Promo – World Tour 2018/19
Watch Vídeo: Emil Bizga – From Classic to Jazz

Oscar Peterson Legacy

Marian Petrescu (piano) & Marius Preda (cimbalom)

Oscar Peterson is considered by many critics as one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time. Oscar was a jazz piano legend, played with Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, Louis Armstrong, Lester Young, Count Basie, Charlie Parker, Quincy Jones, Stan Getz, Coleman Hawkins, Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Eldridge, Clark Terry, Freddie Hubbard and Modern Jazz Quartet. When he left us in December 2007 at the age of 82 it would be legitimate to ask who could receive this Legacy? This tribute answers this question with the brilliance and virtuosity of two musicians fans of his work and style: Marian Petrescu on the Piano and Marius Preda on the Cimbalom

Watch the Vídeo: Marian Petrescu – “Thrivin’ Live at Jazz Standard”

Welcome to Mission Cimbalom

Be prepared for a new musical adventure with Marius Preda!

Marius Preda receives high-praise on his album "Mission Cimbalom."

1. Marius Preda receives high-praise from Chris Spector’s Midwest Record on his album “Mission Cimbalom.”
Spector says; “Mission Cimbalom:
Expect no less than a four on the floor sonic treat whether it’s revved up or slowed down. Wonderful.”

2. Contemporary Fusion Reviews gets to the meat of it on Marius Preda’s new album “Mission Cimbalom.”
Zzaj says;
It gets a bit down & funky… that’s one of the things I enjoy so much about Marius’ tunes… you never quite know what to expect – & that’s a very good thing! Highly original and creative work that gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me.

3. Marius Preda receives a perfect score from Blogcritics writer, Susan Frances,
on his new album “Mission Cimbalom,”a 100/100 SCORE. Frances says; “The compositions explore the technique of creative expression at its best, keeping in mind the relationship between the instruments should adhere to the principles of harmony to hold their audience’s attention. Sounding like music to one’s ears is a standard that is maintained throughout Preda’s recording.”

4. Marius Preda takes the #1 slot on the NACCchart
(brand new chart) with “Mission Cimbalom,” Featuring: Arturo Sandoval, Mike Stern, Dennis Chambers, Tom Kennedy, Teymur Phell, Sanah Kadoura, Taco Gorter & Robin Koerts.

5. Marius Preda receives 5/5 Stars from Amazon’s Top 100 Writer for his album “Mission Cimbalom.”
For something ambitious and unique and so imaginative that it takes many hearings to gain all the pleasures, absorb this!
Highly Recommended.
Grady Harp

6. A review on the illustrious Marius Preda from Russian journalist Leonid Auskren on his new album “Mission Cimbalom.”
Marius Preda – Mission Cimbalom
Вам не чудится что-то знакомое в названии альбома: Mission Cimbalom? Ну, конечно же, это столь привычные нам цимбалы! Этот инструмент распространен во многих странах Центральной и …

7. WTJU, Dave Rogers says: He composed and arranged all the songs on offer and is accompanied by a rotation of wonderful players.

8. The Vinyl Anachronist, Phillips says:
Perhaps we can expect more focus the cimbalom in the future, and its ability to dig in and represent jazz, I think Preda makes an outstanding case for a leading role.

Listen on: iTunes | Amazon | Spotify

9. Marius Preda receives a weigh in from Mike Greenblatt of Goldmine Magazine on his album.
The 13 tracks are aloquent examples of Preda’s fusion worldview encompassing tango, folk, jazz and world with stops along the way to interpret Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans. Its big close is Stern’s “198 Strings vs Stern & Preda. Highly Recommended.

10. Congratulations to Marius Preda who has made a new fan in reviewer Bruce Von Stiers,
who says; “I hadn’t really paid that much attention what a cimbalom provides to various types of music. Having it be the main instrument in jazz music is intriguing. With this album, Marius Preda definitely brings the cimbalom front and center. I really enjoyed both the original compositions and the arrangements that Marius brought forth in this album.”

11. Review from KZSU Stanford 90.1 fm
Ethnic fusion jazz, for lack of a better term. The Cimbalom is like a large hammer dulcimer. Preda is masterful on a variety of other instruments as well. No set group, he utilizes a stellar line-up of pros from different genres, including Arturo Sandoval on trumpet and Mike Stern on guitar. Several originals along with rearranged gems from the past. If You Like: Bobby Hutcherson, Toumani Diabate, Weather Report

1484665757_marius-preda-mission-cimbalom-2017 copy
12. Review from “All About Jazz.”
Mission Cimbalom, is in thoroughly fulfilling his self-described mission to bring the cimbalom to the jazz world and keep this ancient instrument alive. This is certainly accomplished, as his cimbalom playing is the foundation from which the songs grow their gorgeous improvisations, and this maximizes the exotic flavor. The fact that he has done so without it ever feeling like the abundance of talent present was underutilized, is nothing short of noteworthy. Mission Cimbalom is a worthy listen for the far-ranging musical styles, virtuosic soloing and experiencing the Cimbalom, all performed with clear emotion and heart.

13. Review from “Lemon Wire.”
Mission accomplished
Preda has set for himself a laudable mission, one of making a little-known instrument into a staple for jazz. In its century of existence, jazz and its innovators have had to reinvent the genre time and time again. New standards, new time signatures and performance approaches have all helped to keep the genre thriving (at least among diehard fans) for decades. It is exciting to see that an instrument that is new to most of us, is the focal point of an album.
To carry out his mission, Preda has teamed up with Vladimir Cosma who has composed more than 300 scores for movies and television, and Sandoval, a 10-time Grammy winner who has also won several Billboard Awards. The feel and production of the CD is polished and thoughtful, and listeners forget at times they are listening to an instrument that might be new to them.

14. Jazz Station – Arnaldo De Souteiro’s Blog (Jazz, Bossa & Beyond)
“Mission Cimbalom” features a cavalcade of top-notch jazz royalty, including Arturo Sandoval, Mike Stern, Dennis Chambers, Tom Kennedy, Teymur Phell, Sanah Kadoura, Taco Gorter & Robin Koerts. It is Preda’s life ambition to expose the world to this glorious instrument and to bring into focus its history and cement its place it the jazz canon.


Enjoy a few moments from his live gigs with different formations

Marius Preda – Official Promo – World Tour 2018/2019

Vladimir Cosma – Le Bal des Casse-pieds

Featuring Marius Predia

Arturo Sandoval sextet

Live at Blue Note,
Special guest: Marius Preda

Arturo Sandoval Sextet

Live at Conservatoire de Luxembourg
Special Guest: Marius Preda

Oscar Peterson: Place St Henry

Live in Romania
Unora le Place

Arturo Sandoval sextet

Live at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, London,
Special guest: Marius Preda


Experience his next show

21 NOV 2017

Duo Baroque Jazz

Starts at 19:00
Filamonica-Oltenia Craiova
Calea Unirii 16, Craiova

25 NOV 2017

Musica pura

Galakoncert, starts at 19:00
Marius Preda Quartet & Sons
Domo Kultury Mesta Ostravy

27 NOV 2017

Paris Jazzycolors

Starts at 20:00
Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles
46 Rue Quincampoix

Oct-Nov 2018

The Dutch Tour

Starts in October
On multiple locations
In The Netherlands


Arturo Sandoval

Tom Kennedy

Dennis Chambers

Mike Stern

Marius Preda


The cimbalom is a concert hammered dulcimer: a type of chordophone composed of a large, trapezoidal box with metal strings stretched across its top. It is a musical instrument commonly found in Hungary and throughout the group of Central-Eastern European nations and cultures which composed Austria-Hungary (1867–1918), namely contemporary Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is also popular in Greece. The cimbalom is (typically) played by striking two beaters against the strings. The steel treble strings are arranged in groups of 4 and are tuned in unison. The bass strings which are over-spun with copper, are arranged in groups of 3 and are also tuned in unison. The Hornbostel-Sachs musical instrument classification system registers the cimbalom with the number 314.122-4,5. Moreover, the instrument name “cimbalom” also denotes earlier, smaller versions of the cimbalom, and folk cimbaloms, of different tone groupings, string arrangements, and box types.

In English, the cimbalom spelling is the most common, followed by the variants, derived from Austria-Hungary’s languages, cimbál, cymbalom, cymbalum, țambal, tsymbaly and tsimbl etc. Santur, Santouri, sandouri and a number of other non-Austro-Hungarian names are sometimes applied to this instrument in regions beyond Austria-Hungary which have their own names for related instruments of the hammer dulcimer family.

Marius Preda, born in 1977 comes from a musical family, where at the age of four, he received his first big toy from his grandmother. It was a Cimbalom! He immediately fell in love with this toy and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! He spent all of his days and nights playing the new instrument.

Marius is one of the best musicians that I have worked with
during my entire music career.
Vladimir Cosma


In 1993, Marius was invited to the Netherlands, and in ‘95 he began to study the Vibraphone at the Jazz Department of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, The Netherlands, where he graduated with a distinction. With the skills, he accumulated over these years, Marius was able to develop a new way of playing the cimbalom. As a result, he became the first cimbalom player in the history of Jazz.

Over the years, Marius has played with and contributed to: Arturo Sandoval, Mike Stern, Vladimir Cosma, Dennis Chambers, Tom Kennedy, Teymur Phell, Sanah Kadoura, John Patitucci, Andreas Oberg, Lewis Nesh, Leonid Ptashka, Dave Kikoski, Didier Lockwood, André Rieu, Flairck, Anne Ducros, Philip Catherine, Rosenberg Trio, Nolwen Leroy, Richard Sanderson, Gheorghe Zamfir, Robby Lakatos, Decebal Badila, Tudi Zaharescu, The Basily’s, Taco Gorter, Robin Koerts, Kiba Dachi and many more!

Respected and lauded by other musicians for his mastery, Arturo Sandoval explains it best, “Marius is a gift from God for our own enjoyment,” which Sandoval and Vladimir Cosma both were involved with the production Mission Cimbalon. Cosma explains, “Marius is one of the best musicians that I have worked with during my entire music career.”

Mission Cimbalon features a cavalcade of top-notch jazz royalty, including Arturo Sandoval, Mike Stern, Dennis Chambers, Tom Kennedy, Teymur Phell, Sanah Kadoura, Taco Gorter, Robin Koerts & Kiba Dachi. It is Preda’s life ambition to expose the world to this glorious instrument and to bring into focus its history and cement its place it the jazz canon.

Marius is a gift from God for our own enjoyment.
Arturo Sandoval

Special thanks to the contributers of Mission Cimbalom:
to Cristi Dobrica & Dustin Higgins for recording this album
and to Marsel Loermans for Filming & Photography.


Marius Preda
T: +316 24 50 87 36