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Produced by Arturo Sandoval, Vladimir Cosma & Marius Preda.
Featuring: Arturo Sandoval, Mike Stern, Dennis Chambers, Tom Kennedy, Tudy Zaharescu, Teymur Phell, Sanah Kadoura, Taco Gorter, Robin Koerts & Kiba Dachi.
Special thanks to all the artists that contributed to Mission Cimbalom:
to Cristi Dobrica & Dustin Higgins for recording this album
and to Marsel Loermans for Filming & Photography.
Marius is a gift from God for our own enjoyment.
Arturo Sandoval



Marius Preda (1977) comes from a musical family, where at the age of four, he received his first big toy from his grandmother. It was a Cimbalom! He immediately fell in love with this toy and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! Since then, he spent all of his days and nights playing the new instrument.

In 1993, Marius was invited to the Netherlands and in '95 he began to study the "Vibraphone"at the Jazz Department of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, The Netherlands, where he graduated with a distinction. With the skills he accumulated over these years, Marius was able to develop a new way of playing the cimbalom. As a result he became the first cimbalom player in the history of Jazz!
Marius is one of the best musicians that I have worked with
during my entire music career.
Vladimir Cosma

Over the years, Marius has played with and contributed to:
Arturo Sandoval, Mike Stern, Vladimir Cosma, Dennis Chambers, Tom Kennedy, Teymur Phell, Sanah Kadoura, John Patitucci, Andreas Oberg, Lewis Nesh, Leonid Ptashka, Dave Kikoski, Didier Lockwood, André Rieu, Flairck, Anne Ducros, Philip Catherine, Rosenberg Trio, Nolwen Leroy, Richard Sanderson, Gheorghe Zamfir, Robby Lakatos, Decebal Badila, Tudi Zaharescu, The Basily's, Taco Gorter, Robin Koerts, Kiba Dachi and many more!


Enjoy a few moments from his live gigs with different formations

Vladimir Cosma – Le Bal des Casse-pieds

Featuring Marius Predia

Arturo Sandoval sextet

Live at Blue Note,
Special guest: Marius Preda

Oscar Peterson: Place St Henry

Live in Romania
Unora le Place

Arturo Sandoval Sextet

Live at Conservatoire de Luxembourg
Special Guest: Marius Preda

Arturo Sandoval sextet

Live at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, London,
Special guest: Marius Preda

Marius Preda is one of the greatest musical talents that I have ever seen or heared. Let him play Cimbalom, Violin, Accordeon, Bass, Piano or Vibraphone and you will hear and see a master on every instrument. He is a born entertainer.Eddy Owens


Experience his next show

Marius Preda with Vladimir Cosma on Tour


Arturo Sandoval

Tom Kennedy

Dennis Chambers

Mike Stern

Marius Preda


Thanks to all the artists for their dedication and contribution to Mission Cimbalom and make this production come true.

God bless you all!



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